Condell Park NSW
+61 402 220 391


Tuesdays commencing 28th January 

5:30 to 6:30pm – Basic Skills training for beginners – boys and girls – $60 for the term

6:30 to 7:30pm – Girls Only training – intermediate level – $60 for the term

7:30 to 8:30pm – Girls Only training – advanced/high performance – limit 8 girls – $70 for the term


Wednesdays commencing 29th January 

6pm to 7pm – Boys Only training – intermediate level – $60 for the term

**FULL** 7pm to 8pm – Boys Only training – advanced/high performance – limit 10 boys – $70 for the term **FULL**


Team training is available if coaches are interested in training their teams, the cost is $40 per hour to hire the gymnasium at Hope Point Christian School (this fee is partially subsidised by the club). 

The Gym is available on Tuesdays from 4pm to 5:30pm and Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm or 8pm to 9pm. If you are interested in training your team please contact me so that I can book with the school. if 2 teams train together that will reduce the cost to $20 each

Training is held in the gymnasium located behind the church
Hope Point Church
42B Beale Street Georges Hall NSW 2198

Cost : the costs listed above are per player per term to cover Gymnasium hire costs. 

Fees can be paid online, click here, Afterpay is available if required, or upfront on registration day.  Weekly cash payments will no longer be available as there will be no one available on each training night to collect the money.

Training fees will be due and payable prior to the first night of training.  Our training sessions are for CLUB PLAYERS ONLY

Notorious is a no profit organisation and is run by volunteers, if you are able to volunteer, please contact our club manager Sandi on  0402 220 391

Due to the CoVID-19 situation in NSW, all training is suspended until further notice.


1. Do not talk when the coach is talking be respectful, coaches are volunteers and are there to teach you skills and the rules of basketball, they love the sport just like you do or they wouldn’t be there, You learn my listening not by talking!

2. Don’t back chat, be a smarty pants or show off no one likes a rude player, not everyone has the same skills and if you’re at training it’s because you want to improve. Even the best players in the NBL or NBA still train and develop.

3. Do as you are asked/instructed don’t argue with the coaches, do as they ask you, if you don’t understand ask the question – we don’t expect that every person knows what to do that’s why we teach you

4. No bullying or physical violence towards each other This behaviour will NOT be accepted, and players will be sent home from training, no one is better than anyone else – everyone is equal regardless of gender, religion, race. Leave your beliefs at the door and treat everyone fairly

5. No swearing I’m sure your parents don’t tolerate it at home or your teachers wouldn’t tolerate it at school, it won’t be tolerated here either. There’s no need for swearing, at yourself, each other or the coaches.