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Player Fees



Game fees (Winter 2020 season)

Friday Competition U12 to U19- $150
Friday Competition U20 & U22 – $170
Saturday Competition U11 to U19 – $170

Included in the above fees is the Club Fee – this covers team entry fee payable to the stadium, season gift for every player, team training, trophy and gift for 1 player per team at the end of each season plus loan singlets. For the Winter season the gift will be Club Logo Long Sleeve Tshirts.

If a player has a personalised singlet and wears that singlet for the season their fees are reduced by $10.

If you play in both Friday and Saturday Competition your fees are reduced by $20.

All fees are payable by Round 2. Fees can be paid into the club bank account or to me in cash at the stadium on registration days for Round 1 and Round 2. Card payments are accepted however there is a 3% surcharge payable to cover fees.

We now have our fees available to be paid online, click here to pay your fees… and you can also take advantage of Afterpay online.

NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER ROUND 2.  Any balances outstanding after the round 2 registration day, will be required to be paid directly into the club bank account. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to me personally to make alternative arrangements. Any player that has not paid their fees by round 3, without prior arrangement with me, will be removed from the team.

You can deposit your fees into our bank account or pay us directly at the stadium when you play. All fees must be paid by Round 3.

Notorious Basketball
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ACCOUNT: 32115896
REFERENCE: Player’s name

No refund will be given once you have taken the court and played as part of the team.

Please note:

  • Depending on the number of teams registered with the association in each age group and it highly likely that there will be an uneven number of teams, this may result in some teams being allocated byes throughout the season. The club cannot be responsible for ensuring each team pays a different amount per season based on the number of byes they may be rostered, therefore your game fees are an average across all normal competition weeks, they do not include any finals, these fees are payable each week to the stadium prior to taking the court. 
  • Training allocations are limited and some teams choose not to undertake training, there is no partial refund if your team chooses not to train. 
  • Once you have registered to the team and play 3 games there is no refund should you choose not to continue playing.
  • Singlet replacement costs if you lose it is $50 inc GST – It is your responsibility to look after your playing singlet during the season and return it in good condition at the end of the season.


New players will need to register with the Bankstown Basketball Association and pay the Association Registration fees, the fees are paid directly to the stadium via online registration.

The fees are $95 for under 18 and $125 for players turning 18 this year or are already 18 and over.

Registration fees are paid every 12 months. The registration link can be found below…

Registration fees are paid directly to the stadium by credit card or voucher

To register with Notorious Basketball please click here: Yearly Association Registration Fee


Notorious Basketball is an approved Active Kids Provider, players are encouraged to take advantage of the NSW Government’s Active Kids Rebate Program by using the $100 voucher towards game fees

Alternatively, the voucher can be used for registration fees payable to the stadium. There are no refunds for unused money on the voucher and it can only be used with one organisation

Players intending on using the $100 Active Kids voucher towards game fees must email a copy of the voucher to or bring a copy with them when they pay their fees

Active Kids Voucher can be used for game fees, the vouchers must be handed in on the 1st or 2nd round of competition or emailed to

To obtain the $100 Active Kids Voucher go to:

Active Kids Voucher Link – Services NSW

You will need your medicare card on hand to complete the details.

DON’T FORGET EACH SCHOOL AGED STUDENT RECEIVES 2 VOUCHERS A YEAR, 1 in January/February and a 2nd one in July!!!